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Lab Testing

Functional medicine looks at the root cause of disease. Success in treatment of chronic, complex conditions requires a much closer look at the individuals biology and physiology. To identify, evaluate and remove the cause of the compromised system in the body, lab tests may be required that are beyond the standard blood chemistry labs from your healthcare provider. We offer testing for the early detection, prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of today’s complex chronic diseases; genetics, organic acids, hormones, food sensitivities, microbes, fatty acids, parasites, and other pathogens such as mold and environmental toxins that may be keeping you sick.

Non-invasive testing kits that require saliva, stool, breathe, urine, nasal and mouth swabs are readily available and sent to you for easy collection at home. Invasive testing kits for the collection of blood samples are also available and coordinated with your local collection lab.

Working only with the leading U.S. medical research and cutting edge laboratories, we provide you with timely, accurate and dependable test results, evaluation and assessments. No more guessing, no more medications to cover the symptoms. Our purpose is to get to the root of the “dis-ease” that is troubling you.

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