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Our focus is providing solutions for people suffering from chronic health challenges.


Licensed in 3 States

Dr. Scott is licensed in VA, DE and CA, providing neuropathy solutions nationwide


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About Us

Our focus is providing solutions for people suffering from peripheral neuropathy and other chronic health challenges. Licensed in 3 States. Dr. Scott is licensed in VA, DE and CA and provides solutions for people with neuropathy nationwide. For those that cannot meet with Dr. Scott in person to establish a Doctor/Patient relationship, he provides Telehealth services to educate and provide in-home, self administered solutions.

Meet Dr. Brian W. Scott D.C., B.C.N., C.F.M.P.

Hello, my name is Dr. Brian Scott and I’ve been a healthcare provider since 1988. My practice is functional medicine based and focuses on helping those suffering with peripheral neuropathy and other chronic health conditions.

In the past, I’ve authored “Use Your Bad Habits To Lose Weight” and created a series of audio visual programs for Weight Loss, Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy ie; “The Stop Neuropathy Intensive Program”.

Specialized experience gained while practicing at some of the nation’s largest Peripheral Neuropathy Clinics, has led me to develop a patient centered, in-home neuropathy treatment program. My patients self-administer treatment protocols similar to those they may receive in an office setting.

Today’s technology, coupled with the best practice protocols developed over the years, allows my patients to get top quality care in the comfort and safety of their own home. Providing medical grade equipment and proven protocols that are accessible to a patient 24/7, can allow for daily treatments and expeditious results.

Through functional medicine, we can often identify the root cause of chronic and difficult health challenges. If you are suffering, or you’re just not satisfied with taking medications and wish to get to the bottom of your health concern, I would like to help you.


Dr. Brian W. Scott D.C., B.C.N., C.F.M.P.
Bachelor of Science in Human Biology (B.S.)
Doctorate in Chiropractic (D.C.)
Board Certified in Neuropathy (B.C.N.)
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (C.F.M.P.)